Freelance projects include research, editorial, and technical tasks. If you’re interested in discussing freelance projects with me, please feel free to send a contact request or to email me.

Current Projects

Preparing a review manuscript on drought effects on soil geochemistry in collaboration with academic staff at The University of Adelaide.

Preparing a review manuscript on wetland management for soil health in collaboration with academic staff at The University of Adelaide.

Website administration for Soil Science Australia.

Past Projects

Research for Soil Science Australia. Project aim is to produce a scientific communication output suitable for the general public which is to be used as a metric of progress in environmental management. This project includes secondary research using a panel of experts, the published literature, and available databases. Outputs from this project were used in Soil Science Australia’s 2019 World Soils Day campaign.

Editorial assistance for the Chief Editor of the Natural History of the Coorong, Lower Lakes, and Murray Mouth Region (Royal Society of South Australia). Publishing of this book was suffering major delays due to time commitments of the editorial board. This project was to identify outstanding items and ensure their delivery, develop an appropriate filing system, ensure all tables and figures were delivered, and review all chapters for spelling, grammar, and references prior to the Publisher receiving the documents. This book was published in December 2018.

Technical assistance for the Soil Ecology Group, The University of Adelaide. The aim of this project was to review all Health, Safety, and Wellbeing documents used during normal research activities in the Soil Ecology Group, and to audit chemical stores and review the chemical manifest. Documents used by this group included Safe Operating Procedures for a variety of machines, tasks, and processes, and also included Risk Assessments for many of the same items. This project was completed in 2018.

Technical project lead for Arris Pty Ltd. The project provided rapid assessment of soil physical properties of a large number of samples. This project was completed in 2017.