Lessons learned while knitting a jumper

One hobby that I enjoy doing is knitting and I recently made my second ever jumper (and first jumper that wasn’t hilariously hideous). A change in technique (from English style to Continental style) means I finally knit fast enough to finish a project before I start hating it. I feel that I’ve learned two important lessons from this jumper.

Firstly, unless you look just like the model, there’s a good chance you’ll need to make some adjustments. I realised this one a little too late – I am significantly curvier than the model and thus should have made some adjustments to the sleeve position (slightly further back, to make the back narrower). I had had this suspicion at the start, but alas didn’t act upon it. Future works will take this into account.

Secondly, it is entirely worth it to spend extra time ensuring something is done correctly. I undid the neck on this jumper three times because it was too tight and redid 10 cm of sleeve because it was too narrow. Was this frustrating? Yes. Would I end up hating the jumper if I hadn’t done it? Also yes.

I guess my personal take home messages from this experience is that it is important to anticipate problems and act on them before it reaches crises point, and that just because you’ve sunk time doing the wrong thing doesn’t mean you should continue on that same path simply out of a sense of duty to that lost time.